Foot Care Store

Beverly Podiatry is proud to offer a line of professionally selected footwear and foot care products to benefit your foot health--and is available to everyone, not just patients. Walk-in traffic is welcome.Stop by during regular office hours to browse our store.

Our line includes:

Comfort shoes, Sneakers & Sandals - for extra cushioning and support: important if you spend a lot of time on your feet.

Diabetic shoes - We participate in Medicare's Diabetic Shoe Program. This allows qualifying diabetic patients to receive a pair of shoes annually. Diabetic patients need a shoe with a higher, wider toe box to give toes extra wiggle room. The soles have special stabilizers to keep your feet level, and thicker cushioning for extra protection. Ask us if you qualify!

Inserts/Ready-made Orthotics - helpful for sports and everyday use. (In a variety of men's and women's sizes).

Cushioned socks - Whether you have diabetes, or your feet just need a little more comfort and protection, or you prefer higher quality socks for a certain sport/activity, these socks have been specially selected because of their extra padding which prevents blisters while keeping your feet warm.

Foot care products - include foot lotions, anti-fungal lacquers, anti-itch creams, and athlete's foot lotion. For your convenience, we also provide betadyne solution and epsom salts for at-home treatments after an ingrown-nail procedure.